Request for Transfer w a Grain of Salt

I started volunteering with one local community group in particular, about a year ago. The entire organization is a volunteer initiative to educate our community.

2015/01/img_0581-0.jpgOne of our current project coordinators recently gave notice of her intent to resign from her post as coordinator. The role involves a fair amount of
responsibility and as far as I can tell, a significant investment of time (minimum of 50 hrs/month). For a number of reasons, she is no longer able to carry on in this capacity.
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Pocha Poderosa Goes Live!

In an effort to catch up with the times, I’ve decided to learn to blog.  I believe what many are saying about the internet, blogging, and social media sites representing the new future of global and interpersonal communications.

I’m wading through a couple of books to cover the essentials.  All have spoken to the importance of just getting started, lobbing a first attempt out into the internet netherworld.  So, this is my blogging start.  I’m excited to see what will come of this effort.